nick perri, Perri ink custom guitars Never satisfied with stock guitars, Nick began tweaking, modifying, and ripping apart his guitars from an early age.. which led to more serious fabrication later on. ”Great tone doesn’t come from any one singular part, rather it’s the culmination of many parts all working together and complementing each other in just the right way. Finding that winning combination has been a life long obsession for me.”

Like most custom builders, Nick’s earliest offerings payed tribute to many classic shapes and designs, but the turning point for the company was launching it’s 1st original guitar design in 2013, the “Gypsy”.

Nick got his start in the industry at an early age. His original band SILVERTIDE was signed by legendary music exec Clive Davis when Perri was just 17. Since then Nick has toured the world playing guitar for superstar artists Perry Farrell, sister Christina Perri, and many others, all the while modding and building guitars for himself and close friends. In 2009, on the suggestion of his wife Misi, Nick launched PERRI INK Custom Guitars to the world, and went on to open a retail store on the famed Melrose Ave in Hollywood CA. “It was an incredible and intense experience”, said Perri, “Maybe too intense, haha. In the end, I missed writing and playing music too much to be a full time business owner. That said, I’m very proud of the work we did in there, and I was able to create over 50 wonderful instruments.”

The Perri’s closed their retail store in 2013 and Nick went back to work on original music, launching new Alt-Rock band MOUNT HOLLY last year. The band’s debut album is set to drop in 2017 on Razor & Tie Records. “My guitar building business has gone through many changes over the years, but I’m still incredibly passionate about it. It’s in my blood. When I’m not on tour or in the studio I’m building. It’s a much more exclusive thing now. I can typically only build a few guitars a year around the band’s busy schedule, but I’m ok with it, and so are my customers. They know they’re getting something handmade, and incredibly special.”