“Nick Perri’s PERRI INK. Custom Guitars company has done the seemingly impossible: burst out of the gate with a really clear, defined style which they’ve been able to successfully imprint upon everything they do, no matter what style of guitar they apply it to. In other words, in almost no time at all PERRI INK. has made it so that you can spot a PERRI INK. guitar before you even see the name on the headstock.”

 – Peter Hodgson (I Heart Guitar Blog)

“Nick Perri’s vision comes directly from his real-world experience on the stage and being a compulsive modder. Perri’s understanding of the guitar from both sides of the workbench is a lethal combination for the quest to build the ultimate player’s guitar.”

– Premier Guitar

“Back in the day – there were a few boutique guitar builders (like Gibson and Fender) who were ahead of their time. Every generation has them (Marshall, Vox, Charvel, Jackson, etc.)… If you had a time machine and could go back to buy gear – it would be pretty simple to not miss the boat. WE ARE LIVING IN A NEW VERSION OF THE SAME CYCLE RIGHT NOW! Perri Ink. is one of those companies that builds from the heart. New, fresh, exciting – Play one and you will see what I am talking about.”

– Adam Reiver (FU-Tone.com / EVH D-Tuna)

“Given the diversity of his own six-string acrobatics, Perri needed a guitar that could service any sound, so he built his own. Perri’s goal was to build a durable and playable guitar with top-notch materials and features, and he accomplished it. His handmade axes are everything that a guitarist could want.”

– Artist Direct

“I have done nothing since I’ve gotten home because I can’t put the damn thing down. Thank you for turning a lifelong dream into a reality.”

– Kenji Chan (Guitarist, Bruno Mars)

“Guitarist/guitar builder/entrepreneur Nick Perri has put together a smart, state-of-the-art configuration; an ultimate rock machine.”

– Strat-O-Blogster

“Got her today! Can’t put a word on it, but amazing is close. It was great working with you, thanks for everything x100. Very privileged to have had you build this for me.”

– Customer

“It played and sounded fucking amazing right away. I had very high expectations for this guitar, but it surpassed all of them, and I basically now spend every free minute I have playing it. I never thought I would see the day that a guitar moved ahead of my beloved ‘Les Paul’ but the Solostar did it. You obviously didnt cut any corners when you designed these things and I hope you keep cranking them out for years to come, I will definitely buy more.”

– Customer

“What I find really interesting about this new guitar company is it’s owned by a professional, touring guitar player so Nick knows what works and what doesn’t and has had a chance to road test everything before they go on sale. The guitars feature custom options and enhancements to make them stand out from the crowd.”

– Guitar Noize

“Nick Perri has set out to take the components that make individual guitars great, and put them all into one deluxe guitar that is custom built to order.”

– Yahoo

“Love this guitar. Super fast neck, light weight body, tone monster that out screams my Les Paul. So pretty, so mean. Gotta go buy a better amp. Feels so good to own this beauty. 10 years from now Perri ink will be like PRS and I’m am proud to be in from the get go.”

– Customer

“Anyone that can compose the axe that they can then use to chop heads with, has a level of dedication that I know nothing about!”

– Benjamin Harrison

“They always tell musicians “Don’t quit your day job.” Nick Perri has the day job all of us dream of: Rock and Roll Guitarist. But drawing on his own personal experience wielding hundreds of guitars throughout his career, Perri realized had another passion: building custom electric guitars. Each guitar is handmade with the kind of time and attention to detail that’s rare in the modern musical instrument industry.”

– Gearpipe

 “Guitarist Nick Perri has now taken it a step further, developing and building almost everything in house, with hand made bodies, necks, and custom worn hardware.”

– Lone Phantom

“Just wanted to check in and let you know the guitar continues to fucking rip, and that it is by far the best I’ve ever owned.”

– Customer

“What’s more fun than customising your axe with top-shelf components? Why, starting your own company and building guitars with all that neat stuff already built in, of course! Nick Perri has done just that with Perri Ink. Guitars.”

 – I Heart Guitar Blog

“Guitar building is as improvisational as the solos that will hopefully one day come from the finished product. Nick is doing something exciting and entrepreneurial, taking his expertise and experience as a well-traveled guitar legend-in-the-making and turning it into action, into product, and into a new brand.”

– Ari Halbkram

 You really need the full PERRI INK. experience.. Nick and company seem equally prepared to deliver business-as-usual in peak craft form through the apocalypse and beyond. Maybe these folks can build some durable mojo for you!

– Strat-o-Blogster

“I really love how he is approaching his new guitar builds, much like hot rodded Motorcycles. The new Eagle 84 looks really cool and sounds great.”

– Guitar Noize

“Nick and his small team put together some truly excellent guitars, with all the sorts of custom modifications that one might do after purchasing a guitar. Both models are quite reasonably priced for such extensively customised guitars, and would be sure to last a guitar player many, many years. I wish Nick good luck, and many years building sweet axes too.”

– Lone Phantom

“I don’t know what to say.. this guitar is amazing. It plays everything; rock, blues, metal, slow / ballad stuff, and the neck plays so smooth!”

– Customer

“Perri has personally crafted guitar models based solely on features he values as a player. He has crafted axes that are perfect for guitar players at all levels of experience.”

– NoiseCreep