Some might say the PERRI INK. “Shakespeare” is so over the top in both its aesthetics and playability, it even raises the bar set by most custom guitars being made today.

This project was born from the idea to merge simple with extravagant, and the Shakespeare delivers on both with stunning results. Bobby Bordeaux of French Kiss Kustoms knocked this one out of the park, and the guitar gets its name from the empowering Shakespeare quote so beautifully painted on the back. Its features are as bare bones and straightforward as you can get, while its visual intensity has made people stop in their tracks and quite literally.. drool. The guitar is complimented by hand-wound Bare Knuckle “Yardbird” pickups, and a Callaham stainless steel & brass bridge assembly.
“To thine own self be true”. Why yes, yes indeed.

Custom Made, American made, and built with love.